• Department: Centre for Entrepreneurship and Development Studies

The programme is designed to cultivate in our students, the comprehensive qualities of entrepreneurship, the value of innovatory spirit and self-reliance abilities. It aims to enable graduates to contribute to economic upliftment and job creation by starting their own businesses, assisting others to start businesses, or to manage existing businesses. All our schemes are proposed professionally and practically to emancipate the mind, create new chapter and keep pace with times. You will develop the capacity to be a dynamic and creative entrepreneur capable of transforming a business concept into a viable business proposition, to generate employment, and to explore the means by which to avoid business failure.

Even if any of our graduates will not start their own small business as soon as they graduate, the study and practice of entrepreneurship education in Ilesa business school and the relative professional qualities we deliver can highlight their ability superiority and improve professional competition during the job-hunting.

The specific objectives include:

  • Cultivating in our students, the spirit of entrepreneurship, leadership, risk-taking and team work.
  • Strengthen in our students, the ability of taking full advantage of human and material resources within their jurisdictions to reach maximum performance and achievement with optimal cost.
  • Improve in our students, the ability of risk-taking; to be willing to exert all the strength and make every factor develop in the anticipated direction to objectively evaluate risk situations and change unfavourable factors.
  • Inculcate in our students the spirit of voluntary cooperation and cooperative efforts to attain desired goals.
  • Serve as a new talent training mode which is established on the basis of quality-oriented education.
  • arousing mind of enquiry so as to explore and exploit opportunities for national development;