Welcome to IBSchool

Welcome to Ilesa Business School.

Dear Visitor,

You are welcome to Ilesa Business School in Ilesa, South-western Nigeria.

The Ilesa Business School is a world-class specialized training institute committed to producing a new generation of professionals for sustainable growth of industries in Africa.

Africa is an emerging economy to be appreciated for its wealth of opportunities. Many countries in Africa are seeing rising levels of poverty and unemployment. Some of the responsible factors include ineffective skills development and absence of enough jobs for those entering the workforce.

Demand for better management studies, entrepreneurial studies, technological studies, leadership and development studies is increasing throughout Africa. There is need to meet this demand! 

Our focus is to providing a relevant and practical knowledge in accessible forms to both the formal and informal sector.

We provide technical and practical-oriented teaching and learning, research and community service, locally and in a global context, in management sciences, arts and social sciences, and applied technology for sustainable development in Africa, and as well as promoting values-based leadership and respect for individual and cultural values, inspiring our students to achieve their fullest potentials and nurturing a courageous attitude in them.

A number of programmes have been designed to meet your needs and we hope you would contact us soon to benefit from our services.

We look forward to having you at our School.

Thank you.

Olu Olujide MSc, MBA, MNIM, MCIA
Ag President/Registrar