Community Service Programme organize by Students of A’level Programme to sensitize the pupils about the practices that help to maintain good health and prevent the spread of diseases in our societies.


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It was a great day on the 9th March, 2018 for the pupils of Zumuratul Islamiyah Primary School, a public primary school in Ilesa when the A level students extended their community service initiative to the pupils. It was a sensitization programme on Basic Hygiene. It was organize to get the pupils informed about the practices that help to maintain good health and prevent the spread of diseases. It involves regular washing of body, washing the hands when necessary, cutting of nails, washing ones clothing, keeping the hair neat and brushing of teeth. The increased burden of communicable diseases among school children due to poor personal hygiene practices and inadequate sanitary conditions had led the A level Students to organize the programme.

It is part of their contribution to reduce morbidity and mortality among children in Nigeria. The great team that made this possible include Babatunde Oyedokun (Management Sciences Dept), Fadesewa Arigbede (Applied Technology Dept), Shakirat Adigun (Applied Technology Dept), and Ajayi Omotomiwa (Arts and Social Science Dept).

Arigbede Fadesewa who was the first speaker explained the meaning of personal hygiene and the importance of keeping healthy to the pupils. She explained further that a good personal hygiene will prevent one from contracting germs, diseases, viruses, sicknesses etc.  She taught them how to brush their teeth with the use of structural materials like bowl, toothbrush and water.

Babatunde Oyedokun equally guided the pupils on how to wash their body and their clothes. He told the pupils to always take their bath for at least twice daily. He also taught them how to wash their hands after playing,  using the toilet and before/after eating  with the use of teaching aids such as water, soap, towel/tissue paper and bowl.

Finally, the Headmistress of the school expressed gratitude by thanking the students and Management of Ilesa Business School for the initiative.