Welcome to IBS

Welcome to Ilesa Business School.

Dear Visitor,

You are welcome to Ilesa Business School in Ilesa, South-western Nigeria.

Ilesa Business School (IBS) is a government approved and accredited training institute established in the year 2014 to produce entrepreneurs,  increase access to university education, and contribute to human capital development for sustainable growth of industries in Africa. The Memorandum and Articles of Association of IBS was incorporated under the provisions of The Federal Republic of Nigeria’s Companies and Allied Matters Decree (No.1) of 1990. Our School is accredited by Nigerian Council for Management Development, Nigeria; Board of Quality Standards International, Dominica;  Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered), Nigeria; and African Chartered Institute of Entrepreneurship Management, Namibia.

Africa is an emerging economy to be appreciated for its wealth of opportunities. Many countries in Africa are seeing rising levels of poverty and unemployment. Some of the responsible factors include ineffective skills development and absence of enough jobs for those entering the workforce.

Demand for better management studies, entrepreneurial studies, technological studies, leadership and development studies is increasing throughout Africa. There is need to meet this demand!

Our focus is to provide relevant  and practical-oriented teaching and learning in accessible forms, to both the formal and informal sectors, using conventional or technological or hybrid based delivery method. At IBS, we promote values-based leadership and respect individual and cultural values, inspiring our students to achieve their fullest potentials and nurturing a courageous attitude in them. Our training programmes are categorised into two: Short Term Courses and Long term Courses.

Our short term training courses (ranging from one day to three months leading to the award of Certificate of Attendance, Certificates and Professional Certificates) are categorized as follows: General Management; Public Administration; Entrepreneurship and SME Development; Sales and Marketing; Finance and Accounting; Information and Communication Technology; Health, Safety and Environment Management; Leadership Development; Office Administration and Management; Behavioral Change Communication, Public Health Management, Project Management and Evaluation.

Our long term training courses (of about four academic sessions leading to the award of Professional Diploma) include Management Studies (with options in Human Resource Management, Project Management, Financial Management), Public Administration, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Accountancy, Language and Communication Studies, and Computer Technology.

Our School is equipped with seasoned faculty members who possess both the local and international expertise in their areas of specialization. The ambience of our training facility makes our training sessions fascinating and memorable. In addition, our training methodology is indisputably helps trainees to gain improved knowledge for their optimal performance at workplace.

A number of programmes have been designed to meet your needs, and we hope you would contact us soon to benefit from our services.

We look forward to having you at our School.

Thank you.

Olu Olujide, Ph.D, FCIA, FICP,MNIM, MAMN
Tel: +2347085088627 (Whatsapp Only)
Email: president@ibs-edu.ng or ilesabusinessschoolnigeria@gmail.com